Musictherapy: Music as a tool of healing

Vittoria Molisso, Anna Maria Mariani, Domenico Tafuri


Musictherapy is a therapy that uses music, rhythm, sound and melody in certain circumstances of disease or disa- bility, in order to facilitate and improve social, communicative and relational aspects. This kind of technique is part of the broad group of expressive therapies that use emotions, feelings and perceptions for therapeutic purposes as a form of communication and relationships with others. Through the therapeutic use of music it is possible to work on physical, psychological and sensory dimensions, facilitate social experiences and develop a greater awareness of one’s own abilities. Musictherapy is characterized as a preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative intervention, its purpose is to support the development and evolution of aspects related to motor skills, emotions, language and socia- bility. Communication through a sound and/or musical channel acts on obstacles and difficulties in communication, society, relationship and expression. Musictherapy has taken a central role not only in purely health-rehabilitative sectors, but especially in the field of education and school; music can be a powerful social mediator by setting up a dialogue with oneself and with others.

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