Marco Di Furia, Alessia Scarinci, Giusi Antonia Toto, Benedetta Ragni


The introductory part of this article will focus on defining the most recent socio-cultural framework of special needs and inclusive education in Italy. Recently, the number of individuals with special educational needs has been growing significantly, requiring governance to respond effectively to the urgencies of the most fragile section of the population by providing funds and expanding scientific research on education. At such a critical juncture in history, when we are recovering from a pandemic that has shaken the very foundations of institutions, the post-emergency economic resources from the Next Generation EU (NGEU) represent both a challenge and an opportunity for each of the state- members, concerning economic and social recovery: the educational domain plays a crucial role in fostering the resurgence of new generations in an uncertain present troubled by a multifactorial crisis. The objective of this literature review is to provide a critical overview of the most recent research and school interventions in the field of special education, with a specific focus on the participation of parents/guardians in the distance learning processes of pupils with special educational needs in the COVID-19-related emergency context. Concerning methodology, this scoping review adhered to the guidelines of the PRISMA Extension for Scoping Reviews. The studies selected by this review provide an international projection of the parent-support teacher relationship during the pandemic, with an emphasis on the limitations, difficulties, and outcomes of special education in the critical pandemic context. The utility of the study lies in its uniqueness since no similar research has been found by the authors. In particular, the data collected and presented in this paper can provide a reference point for the development of best practices in educational design and policy setting, with a perspective of preparation, particularly for problematic situations.

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