Patrizia Belfiore, Emma Saraiello, Maria Mirela Vasilescu


Compared to the complexity and multiplicity of the needs of people with disabilities and their families, the need to experiment with innovative forms of support and accompaniment, to respond effectively to their needs and guarantee them a good quality of life, is growing more and more. Therefore, a methodological, instrumental and cultural evolution is necessary to elaborate a dignified and quality Life Project. The Life Project is fundamental for People with Disabilities, it represents a guide and a program to live their lives in respect of their needs, interests, characteristics and talents. It has an individual basis to then open up to the community, to the social, it extends over the vast horizon of life and for this reason it is essential, in planning, to seek and establish educational alliances to ensure a Global Development of the Person.  Therefore, Design cannot be extemporaneous, a scientific reflection is necessary that takes into account the reference to the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) for the elaboration of the Project, of the Alliances with the Third Sector to serenely prepare for the "During and After Us" and that also and above all considers Development through motor activity.

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