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In recent years, the formative value of sport and physical activity in education has been recognized as having a consolidated scientific dignity. Thanks to an original and innovative pedagogical reflection, motor activities have finally fully returned to the educational sciences, offering a new cultural perspective. In fact, sport and physical activities carry an extraordinary educational potential, if moved by a true pedagogical-sporting culture.

Education and sport is a combination that requires synergy. Today, more than ever, a strong alliance between sports and educational institutions is essential to activate a positive contamination of universal and timeless values of sport, since the structuring of society requires a cultural and social pact that guarantees in all “formal” and “non-formal” the learning of skills that could transform children's lives: movement is life, movement educates and forges character, defines our choices and the collective future, the first step towards success. It can be said that sport represents the third educational agency after family and school. In a moment in which in many parts there is a particularly delicate phase experienced by traditional educational agencies, the sports movement cannot be to the advantage of a few because the aggregative moments that it manages to express often become a real lifeline for many young people. The educational values of sport are fundamental and can make a decisive contribution to the education and training of young people.

These, in fact, can support the development processes of motor, cognitive, emotional and relational skills, conveying values such as respect for oneself, for others and for the environment, equal opportunities, solidarity; They help to mature, that is, to admit one's limits, but highlighting one's potential. Furthermore, they stimulate the culture of success achievable through physical and mental sacrifice and stimulate continuous comparison with oneself and with others with a critical spirit.

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