Antonio Ascione, Natale Marzullo


In this study, the reader's attention is drawn to the importance of movement education and its central role in the school. The latter is, together with the family, the institution organized according to rules, with the aim of educating, teaching and training students from three to eighteen years of age. A continuous training process that develops in the sensitive stages of growth. The role of the school in our society is fundamental, and we have witnessed it especially in this last year during which we have been hit by a violent pandemic event, forcing us to avoid social contacts; consequently, even the school has been conditioned to the point of stopping classroom activities. But in spite of this, we have never thought for a moment about interrupting the teacher-learner relationship, employing what everybody knows as distance learning, so as not to break the <<connection>> between people. This is a fundamental aspect of the project "La Scuola al Centro" (The Centrality of the School), in which, through the movement, the body is considered a resource for the structuring of the self and of learning processes; all this while also providing, through the design of educational and inclusive paths, the possibility of building, discovering and learning about the individual, as well as of building a more sustainable future based on equality in diversity.

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