Francesco Peluso Cassese


In order to include students with disabilities, it is indispensable to remember that the funda- mental objective of Law n. 104/92, art. 12, par. 3, is the development of learning through com- munication, socialization and interpersonal relationship. In this respect, the Law in question states that: “School integration aims to develop the potential of a handicapped person in learn- ing, communication, relationships and socialization”; paragraph n. 4 further states that “the exercise of the right to education cannot be impeded by learning difficulties or other difficulties arising from handicap-related disabilities”. Therefore, the educational design for students with disabilities must be developed by keeping this priority in mind. The centrality of the individ- ualized educational design which, on the basis of the concrete case and its needs, will have to identify balanced interventions between learning and socialization, preferring in principle that learning takes place within the classroom and in the context of the program implemented there- in.

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