Sport & Guidance for the Construction of Life-Project: the Pedagogical Perspective

Sergio Bellantonio, Domenico Tafuri


A lifelong, lifewide and lifedeep point of view about learning has become an indispensable educational condition of contemporary living. More than ever before, in fact, increasingly transit from a context of existence to another requires more flexibility and adaptability of the subjects to the flow of their lives, which requires the acquisition of a huge variety of knowledges, skills and competences. If complexity best characterizes postmodernity, opening the subject to multiple contexts of experience at different educational paths and different intervention strategies, then guidance takes a space of extreme importance in every context of everyday life, even sport. Matching guidance and sport assumes a specific educational value if sport contexts putting at the core the subjects with their life and their constant tension to determine their lives, in order to feel good in the variety of social contexts.

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