“Being present” beyond the distance. Epistemological and educational issues in light of the pandemic crisis

Claudia Spina


This article reflects on epistemological and educational, as well as anthropological and ethical-political issues, concerning the pandemic crisis and the subsequent transformation of the places of education (from a real context to a more virtual context). It sheds light on the pedagogical-educational need to promote and embody (traditional and/or online) curricula, inspired by the humanism of beauty and characterized by a particular pedagogical style: the dimension of beauty, popular not only in the Greek world (the concept of kalos kai agathos and Platonic paideia) but also in the Twentieth century (the paideia of feeling by María Zambrano). The focus on aesthetic emotions, to increase the level of positive emotional involvement, which can be increased through educational technology, plays a crucial role in understanding the infinite and heterogeneous forms of humanity (depth ontology) and in facilitating learning. In all of this, there must be an assurance of pedagogical presence, not always synonymous with physical presence. In modern times there are various types of presence (for example, digital presence) and pedagogical knowledge is called upon to consider innovative heuristic directions, to ensure relationships, empathy, care and attention even in online educational encounters. Therefore, the teacher-educator is required to acquire specific professional skills, which are not only educational-methodological, digital, etc., but also and above all emotional-relational.

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