Corporeity and movement education

Francesco Peluso Cassese


Each one is “body”: a animated body, kneaded of soul, a dense body of tensions and pas- sionate at the existence. It is with this body that we think, love, communicate and hope. For this reason the education to corporeity represents the education of the person in all his being, centerd on the recognition, acceptance and exploitation of its “be body”.

Our body is a cultured body, a body steeped in culture, infact culture marks the body. This is clearly understandable if we consider that the perceptual reality is always soaked in culture. Every feeling that we feel is inside at a particular cultural form, as it is the learning of the lan- guage by a child. Thus the perceptual reality is shaped by the culture, and this is fundamental to reflect on education to corporeity, as that our thoughts are dissociated if you do not think with the body.

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