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How College Students Can Keep Networking During Summer Vacation

di Doris Hall (2020-09-10)

While you're taking time off from your academic classes, don't forget to keep networking during summer vacation - it may help keep you focused towards your future career goals. Regardless of whether you have a job or internship, are traveling for fun or studying abroad, or simply relaxing, you can build professional and career-oriented relationships both near or far from your college campus. With the following strategies in mind, start thinking now of how to network during your summer break.

Connect with coworkers at your workplace or internship
If you're working this summer, connecting with others at your workplace is an easy way to network. This may happen pretty naturally if you're a team player and are actively participating in the life of your workplace, and if your coworkers are similarly open. However, don't rely on things just happening to you: take initiative in reaching out and starting conversations with others. Be present during office meetings and as much as possible (acknowledging your own limitations!) during professional social events, like lunch breaks or after-work happy hours. If you build positive relationships with coworkers during the summer, you may gain valuable resources for help me write my essay and points of contact for the future, not to mention possible friendships.

Volunteer in your community
Whether or not you're working, it's a great idea to volunteer in your community. Summer service projects allow you to meet others of different life and career stages who share your interests and passions. You might find someone there that you admire professionally, or peers with whom you can share experiences. These opportunities are exceptionally valuable because they create ways for you to be part of your community in an interactive and immediate sense. Research and look up volunteer opportunities that are related to your major or future career goals; you also might find opportunities by asking current professors or stopping by your career center.


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