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Two Hot Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cool Summer Treats

di TV News Laurinda MacMahon (2020-03-04)

6 months agoWhen the weather turns the heat up, and chicken is sizzling on the barbecue, it's nice to know there are some hot kitchen gadgets you can use to make easy icy treats which finish off your meal perfectly. Iced treat makers like the Yonanas and the Fro Fruttie will knock out ice cream like desserts made from pure frozen fruit. Containing only fruit and the sugar contained in it naturally, these frozen treats are perfect for diabetics and those watching their weight to get into the swing of summer without loading up with calories and sugar.

These machines are incredibly simple to operate, you pre-freeze chunks of fruit and pop them in the top of a feeder chute, if you include frozen bananas the dessert has a more creamy texture, without, a more sorbet like consistency. You can use any fruit you want, just add a few lumps of banana or frozen yogurt cubes, to creamy up the mix. Should you be one of the millions of parents trying to get reluctant kids to eat a portion of healthy fruit everyday, try them out on a frozen fruit treat - but be sure to freeze plenty down because they'll be coming back for more!

For the adults, try this for an after-dinner treat on a hot summer night. Take a measure of the liqueur of your choice - something coco-nutty always works brilliantly - make sure to chill down well, I like it almost frozen if possible. Pre-freeze some chunks of mango, pineapple or maybe passion fruit, plus a banana or two - the riper the better. When you're ready to eat dessert simply process them together so they mix, adding chocolate chips if you like and then pour the liqueur over it.

Now you can sit back and enjoy a delicious, yet largely healthy concoction. My other favourite for after dinner in the summer is snow cones, again you can play it healthy or go with sweet and sticky. The shaved ice from a snow cone machine can be put over a multitude of ingredients underneath, including the frozen fruit processed through an iced treat maker. Alternatively try a spoonful of frozen berries, maybe little cubes of frozen mango and orange segments - we often use the two together in this way at barbecues.

When you're looking for a snow cone maker there are two things to consider, the shape of the ice cubes that go in the top - does is take regular cubes or special shaped ones, and the quality of the shaved ice that comes out. Up to a point, it's down to personal taste, some folks like the ice to be tiny little icy granules, others of us prefer a snow like consistency and different snow cone machines make different snow! Good advice is to read some reviews because you'll know from those which machine is going to produce the snow you love.

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