Antinea Ambretti, Simona Iannaccone, Cristiana D'anna


This article presents an original way of analyzing  traditional games in real and virtual environment .Each game is a piece of a puzzle, a miniature society (Parlebas, 2001) that, as if it were a mirror,
reflects a clear connection of these Traditional games with the local and social  culture of real and virtual communities.  According to  Foucault (1982) the traditional games are subjectivization and individual identity (Bizumic et al., 2009), in which playing means relating to other members of the community. In virtual environment  child lives sense of feeling members of the same community (McMillan and Chavis, 1986) with condivision the same rule ,space and social community. hese are informal contexts with a high

educational load that integrates the values of their community.

For this reason, formal education should take advantage of this

fundamental cultural knowledge to integrate .

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