Role of Sport in the correct posture

Gabriele Candela, Francesco Fazio, Alessandro Cattolico, Fabio Zanchini, Angela Lucariello


The correct posture and its control are aspects to be taken into consideration also in the field of sports practice. Every sport activity, stresses the musculoskeletal apparatus and the effects of these stresses can be amplified if the person performing them is not able to assume balanced and correct postures. Possessing good postural control allows us to maintain the correct relationship between the limbs and, above all, the conservation of the physiological curves of the spine. The stresses are harmful even if the athlete does not have a good athletic preparation or lack of adequate technical preparation. The acquisition of an adequate posture passes through the knowledge of the correct positions, but above all through the training of the body to assume such positions in every situation, even in the practice of sporting activity.

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