Alessandro Ciasullo


The mediation framework between aspects that are structured and continually mediated by evolutionary responses of a cultural type and characteristics proper to the bios find the reason for convergence and mutual coexistence in action, which is the functioning that subjects exercise within the environment they 'exist.' The relationship between subjective biological instances and cultural paradigms within which the ways of being and acting of trans-forming issues are expressed are constituted as perennial dynamic parameters that characterize the unstable and restless nature of formative processes. The better the implementation formula between the technological operation and society, the greater the possibility that the technology represents and supports the subjects in their human expression. The more the evolutionary processes will create beneficial osmosis for the overall development of humanity itself. The advantage of VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) lies in their possibility of strong subjective declination and the possibility of mediation with one's learning community. For these environments to carry out their function effectively, it is necessary that the subject involved in the training experiences a sense of self-efficacy, that he/she is not frustrated by the executive and interactive difficulty with the environment, that he/she is adequately involved and that he/she can autonomously manage some elements contained in that environment.


Spatial education, Virtual Learning Environments, bioeducational sciences

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