Mood Meter App technology to “rediscover” emotions: a techno-emotional scenario

Maria Annarumma, Giuseppe De Simone, Michele Domenico Todino


Knowledge is a possible source of emotions and it allows each mind to be free, to go beyond borders, to overcome formalisms, labeling and stereotypes. The final result should be a rediscovered balance between feeling and thinking, between body and mind.  These fusions will allow emotion to pass through knowledge and, at the same time, these fusions will allow knowledge to penetrate emotions to become something new and original and, often, unpredictable. Technology has often stimulated conflicting emotions, but how emotions change with new technologies is a question that it is waiting for an exhaustive answer.

Meanwhile, a new proposal for emotional education is offered by technological world. Technologies are changing our way to express feelings and emotions thus they are shifting our perception of reality. Moreover, technologies could help us to understand and manage the emotional universe. In this work, for instance, Mood Meter App is an application that records and monitors user’s emotions through a digital device: a new techno-emotional scenario is emerging on the educational horizon.


Didattica, Pedagogia

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