Filomena Mazzeo, Giuseppe Madonna


Health and well-being issues have been the question of important international meetings sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Agency responsible for health protection. On December 31, at the end of 2019, some cases of pneumonia of unknown aetiology were reported to the National Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in China, in Wuhan, a city in the province of Hubei. This 2019 epidemic (SARS-CoV-2) has spread from Wuhan to China and has been exported to a growing number of countries, causing a growing number of other cases, with different transmission speeds.Therefore, under the pressure of the new Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic it was difficult to do motor activity. This "disease of the world" COVID-19 "has led to some reflections not only on the inactivity and the poor state of well-being that have not occurred but also on the social and digital transformation of all the peoples of the countries that have been involved. Social and digital transformation in Science and Education Health systems responses to COVID-19 are discussed.


Sport, Motor activity, COVID-19, Sport activity and well-being

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