Giuseppe Vito, Alessandra Sorrentini, Patrizia Belfiore


Introduction Based on the data collected from a Hospital in the Campania Region, this work intends to analyze the functioning of the Information Technology (ITC) systems operating in the abovementioned region, and describe their areas of application.

Methods This work was carried out by considering the specifications in the tender for the implementation of the integrated information system, launched in 2012 by a hospital in the Campania region. The starting research questions were: 1) How can computerization improve management outcomes in the healthcare area? How can technological innovation improve performance quality?

Results The introduction of the ICT system within the hospital allowed obtaining all the information related to the clinical path of the patient, regardless of the physical position and the competence levels.

Conclusion Thanks to this study, it was possible to demonstrate that the use of ITC systems, in addition to providing essential technical support to electromedical equipment with a high rate of technological innovation (e-health technologies), can also be a tool for corporate management in the healthcare sector.

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