The use of the barometric platform as an investigation tool: case study

Salvatore Napolitano, Davide Di Palma


The aim of this work is to establish possible correlation between life style exercise, habits and choice of sport and any occurrence of paramorphisms and dysmorphism in children aged 6 to 14 years over a period of 9 months to provide a diagnostic tool for teachers of physical education for ‘use for educational purposes. The experimental method is to collect data on static-dynamic through the longitudinal character by baropodometric platform on a sample of five students who attend physiotherapy center. The platform is used to detect incorrect attitudes, measure the deformation generated by the force applied by the foot on the same and any failures during walking with measurements in static and dynamic. The questionnaire will be administered to the sample will allow a first analysis of the data collected on specific parameters. The baropodometric data show that 80% of each student has the body center of gravity in the polygon of support shifted slightly to the right or left, the pressure points of the limbs left and right are not in line with each other, with respect to the body center of gravity of the foot are placed behind for some people or prefixes for other. The load distribution between the forefoot and hind foot indicates an excessive load on the forward foot. Finally the surfaces of the two feet are dissimilar to each other with greater support to the right. After three months we will proceed with a second test baropodometric and a second questionnaire on possible improvements and then compared to the first data collected. After another three months will be checked final and establish the hypothesized correlation.

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