The Index for Inclusion

Tiziana De Vita, Roberta Rosa


The change that has marked the educational planning and the organizational-didactic practices has been defined by its integration into the school of students with disabilities, from Law 118/1971 to Law 517/1977, from the Judge- ment of the Constitutional Court n. 215/1987 to the framework law n. 104/1992.
These laws have marked the steps that go from exclusion to inclusion and integration.

This path has accompanied the debate on the meaning of integration, inclusion and SEN.
Integration is only a matter of disabled students. Inclusion, otherwise, responds in an individualized way to the different Special Educational Needs manifested by the students (even by those not certified with any disabilities). The Index calls for a reflection on the difference between the expressions “integration” and “inclusion”, which refer to different educational contexts.

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